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      ABSTRACT The study entitled “The Strategies of Students In Translating English Text Into Indonesian Text”. This Case Study was done at Muhammadiyah Aceh University, for students majoring in English. This study aimed to analyze what strategies used by students in the process of translating English text into Indonesian text. The population of this study was students of Muhammadiyah University of English major, totaling 10 students. This study was qualitative study. The data were taken from students’ test and analyzed students’ strategies in translating English text into Indonesian text. The result of the students showed that the most strategy used by students in translating process was Modulation Strategy, and only few of students using Transpotition Strategy. [1]
      an Analysis, Students and Moral Values [1]
      Analysis [1]
      Difficulties, Vocabulary [1]
      English Language Teaching [1]
      Erin Gruwel, Freedom, Movie [1]
      Humour roles [1]
      Internet, Learning Resource. [1]
      Lecturers’ Perspective and Speaking Ability [1]
      movie of the Zootopia [1]
      ORIN,Reg.No. 1405180005,Key words : strategy, debate competition [1]
      Paraphrasing Strategies, Academic Writing [1]
      Perception,oral Presentation assignment [1]
      Problems [1]
      Pronunciation [1]
      Questioning Strategy,Speaking Class [1]
      Quipper School Appication as Media Interractive in Independent Learning [1]
      Simon Says Icebreaksers and Students English Learning [1]
      Slumdog Millionaire and Students’ Perceptions of Morals Value [1]
      Speaking, Non Fluency [1]